Sunday, December 13, 2009

Marché aux Vins Chavanay 2009

Have you ever been to a book fair or bead show? Imagine that, but with only wine. A Marché aux Vins usually exposes wines from a particular wine region, most likely wherever it is being held. Marchés aux Vins are almost always held in the fall after the harvesting of the grapes and barrelling of the wine. The Marché aux Vins in Chavanay, which only exposes wines from the Northern Rhône wine region, started in 1924 and is still held every year during the second weekend of December.
Before entering into the large gymnasium where the Marché aux Vins is held in Chavanay (Loire 42), we strolled by stands of saucisson, cheeses, olives and tapenade. Some stands were selling sandwiches of sliced jambon cru and pain de campagne or fromage de chevre on baguette. Our taste buds were already watering by the time we got to the entrance. At the entrance, we paid 7€ in exchange for a wine glass each. Looking around the room wondering where to begin, Christophe pulled out a piece of paper where he had noted 7 or 8 vignerons that we should taste. We started our way around the gymnasium tasting and spitting (unless the wine was too delicious to spit), noting which wines we would like to purchase. Each vigneron had about 6-8 wines to taste, including St Josephs, Côte Rotie and Condrieu. After 3 hours of swishing voluptuous wines around in our mouths, we purchased several cases for Christmas gifts and personal consumption. A true French experience for anyone to try!

Here is a list of the Marchés aux Vins in France.

Our favorite wines from the Marché aux Vins in Chavanay:
  • Condrieu 2008 Louis Cheze
  • St Joseph white 2008 Domaine De Boysset-Chol
  • "Cuvée du Papy" St Joseph red 2007 Domaine Monteillet
  • "Amarybelle" St Joseph red 2007 Yves Cuilleron
  • "Fortis" Côte Rotie 2007 Domaine Monteillet
Marchés aux Vins- wine fair
vigneron- winemaker
jambon cru- cured ham
pain de compagne- country style bread, often times made with rye flour and shaped in a round
fromage de chevre- goat cheese

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