Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 60th Anniversary!

No, this is not the King and Queen of France. I introduce to you, Jacques and Bernadette Bleuze, Christophe's grandparents whom with we just celebrated their 60 year wedding anniversary. This was not JUST a celebration, but an entire weekend of food, family and activities.
Bernadette, whom everyone calls Grandmère, had made lists, menus, sleeping arrangements and called upon the caterer, all before our arrival on Thursday evening. Friday morning started early with coffee and brioche, followed by helping in the kitchen and then a late lunch. Grandmère had baked quiche, boiled green beans and prepared a big bowl of rhubarb from the garden for dessert. This lunch was only the beginning of many meals throughout the weekend. But the prize winner was the caterer's dinner. Scallops with the coral and large pink shrimp simmered in a cream, leek sauce to die for. That could of been enough for me, but there was much more to breast in a cherry sauce, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, baby greens tossed in walnut oil, goat cheese and a plate of five different desserts. And let's not forget the Champagne! Grandmère had specifically chosen the Champagne Lanson because that is the Champagne she drank the night the Americans landed to liberate France, 65 years ago.

This weekend was not a experience that you would be able to duplicate and I felt so lucky to be involved, which I why I am writing about it. A weekend rich in history, food and love. I would like to be exactly like Bernadette Bleuze when I am her age...89.

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