Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Les Aventures du Supermarché

After my last trip to the supermarché, grocery store, I decided that I need to be blogging about what I have been seeing! My love for French food was one of the reasons for moving here and even after 3 years of life in France, I still feel like a kid in a candy shop when I go grocery shopping. Almost every supermarché has an entire aisle dedicated to yogurt and another to only chocolate bars. Not those milk chocolate Hershey bars, but extra dark chocolate with hazelnuts and orange peel. And do I need to mention the assortment of cheeses and breads they have? Yum!

But...there is another side to the supermarché that I have been noticing that is a bit more intruiging.

One adventure at a time, I will share my finds, divided among three categories:
  • Très Bon! A product tested for quality purposes in our own home and recommended for purchase during your next visit to France.
  • C'est Quoi? A product that you might be unfamiliar with, possible from a specific region in France.
  • Bizarre. The category title says it all.
What started Les Aventures du Supermarché was the discovery of a large, round item sitting alone in a small refrigerated section near the meat. It was wrapped in plastic and difficult to tell what it was. Reading the label, 1 tête, 4 pieds, 1 queue, I realized they were selling a pig head, 4 feet and a tail, all for the reasonable price of 5€. Bizarre.

Introducing A Taste of France Blog's Les Aventures du Supermarc team of experts:
Elvis: tests all dairy products
to ensure the best quality for
you and all other humans
Christophe: wine expert, chauffeur
and translator
Dominique: chocoholic, shopping list
organizer and photographer
picture from HERE

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