Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Melt Your Heart Away Fondue

Snow, snow, snow! It hadn't stopped in 24 hours and we were ready for something warm in our stomach. Everyone was talking about the Auberge la Fruitière des Perrières, a restaurant specialized in cheese, but they were booked for the next month! Luckily, a friend was able to get us a late evening reservation. Walking into the wooden chalet, you could smell the sweet cheese and smokey meats. We were starving! They sat us next to the stone fireplace and served us the house apèritif. The menu consisted of different cheese dishes, which is traditional in the French Alps. You can choose from:
Raclette- a large wedge of cheese is put near a fire and is brought to melting point. When the cheese is soft and about to melt, a layer is scraped of and eaten with potatoes, charcuterie & cornichons
Tartiflette- a gratin of potatoes, lardons & reblechon cheese
Fondue- mixed with local cêpes mushrooms & white wine, served with bread, charcuterie & cornichons
The best part of the menu is that they make all the cheese at their farm! We chose the Fondue aux Cêpes. The fondue arrived along with an abundant amount of charcuterie and bread, spread on wooden boards and old baskets. But my favorite condiment to eat with fondue is cornichons and their cornichons were divine! After we scraped the pot clean and could barely move, the server brought us a selection of digestive liquours...plum, raspberry, pear & "viperine"-a bottle that has a real viper snake inside. A couple shots of this stuff and magically you feel light again!

Auberge de le Fruitière
Les Perrières
74260 Les Gets

Welcome to the World of Blogging!

Bonjour y'all! To think that a few years ago my email address was cancelled because I didn't check it often enough and now I am beginning a blog! Times change and so has my life. Now I am currently living in France with my French husband, Christophe. We have been eating our way through France for the past years and feel it is time we share our adventures! We hope you enjoy our mouthwatering experiences and invite you to join us one day on your own culinary adventure. We are starting a new business...Foodies in France, Culinary Adventures in France. We will keep you posted!