Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Goat Cheese Heaven

Last Saturday was another exquisite day in Uzès and we decided to seek out one of our favorite foods...goat cheese! We didn't just want to find the goat cheese, but the farm where the goat cheese was produced. Even though there are many goat cheese producers in the Gard region, we narrowed it down to two farms just outside of Uzès. The first farm, which we had already discovered their goat cheese at the Uzès market and LOVE it, is a small, family run farm that solely sells their goat cheese, 300 produced a day, at the local Uzès market and St-Quentin-la-Poterie market. The second farm was a recommendation from a friend of Patricia Wells, who takes her culinary tour groups to visit there. This farm produces 3 times the amount of goat cheese as the first farm and sells to restaurants and cheese shops, but still remains authentique. Both farms produce incredible, creamy goat cheese from the Gard region.

Fromagerie Nouguier
Mas des Acacias
30700 UZES
04 66 22 77 41

Lou Serre de Fons
04 66 72 91 46