Saturday, October 11, 2014

Avignon Blues Festival - #Avignon #Blues

Something else to do this weekend!

Avignon is an easy 39 kilometer (24 mile) drive just east of Uzès.

So, if you like the Blues, this looks like the place to be!


Avignon Blues Festival - #Avignon #Blues

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fête du Goût à Uzès - #uzès

If you are one of those people who is drawn to France because of the food and wine, then the week of October 13-19, 2014 is for you.

Perhaps you are asking what is the Fête du Goût?

The English translation is simply Festival of Taste.  Since 1990, on the initiative of the food writer Jean-Luc Petitrenaud, the Ministry of National Education has sponsored a week in October to bring together local, regional and national sources in order to learn more about France’s culinary heritage and the food industry.  French students from kindergarten to high school participate in the event.  The aim is to educate consumers, including children, about the diversity and the pleasure of tastes and flavors.  Of course, this includes encouraging good eating habits as part of a balanced and sustainable way of life.

But enough of the dry explanations and on to the fun!

In Uzès on Sunday, October 12, there will be a full day of festivities.  There will be foods, wines, music, dance and even a waiter’s race!  This will be a great time for the whole family.  If you are in the area, don’t miss the fun.  Or, make a note on your calendar to come to Uzès next year to attend!!

A bientôt!


Fête du Goût à Uzès - #uzès

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mi Nuit Blanche - Art event - #uzès #art

A wonderful evening is planned for this Friday in Uzès!

Mi Nuit Blanche is an artistic event featuring the visual arts. The idea was originated by the association called ‘et alors l’art’ in cooperation with the cultural office of Uzès.  “et alors l’art” is devoted to bringing together artists in joint projects (exhibitions, events, meetings, etc.), to promote and popularize contemporary art.  This event is unique in Languedoc Roussillon.  There will be artists, music and festivities scattered all about Uzès from 7pm until midnight. Come with family and friends to see and enjoy all that this event has to offer! More information and complete program:




Une Nuit blanche est une manifestation artistique principalement dédiée aux arts plastiques et inscrite au plan national le premier ou deuxième week-end d’octobre. Cette idée lancée par l’association ”et alors l’art?” a fait écho avec la ville et l’office municipal de la culture d’Uzès. Pour une première édition qui est également unique en Languedoc Roussillon, le programme est établi de 19h à Minuit. Plus d’infos et programme complet sur

Mi Nuit Blanche - Art event - #uzès #art