Wednesday, February 3, 2010

La Chandeleur, National Crêpe Day

Yesterday was La Chandeleur, national crêpe day, in France and I missed it! A good friend of mine called today to see what I had been up to lately and she asked if we had celebrated La Chandeleur last night. I was thinking, "Oh no I have missed a French holiday that I didn't know about." But she said, "You know, La Chandeleur, fête des crêpes. You were suppose to eat crêpes yesterday." Noooo! How did I not know about this food holiday in France? Since I consider it unfair that my FRENCH husband did not tell me about this national event, I am allowing myself until the end of the week to celebrate. Should I make crêpes poulet, crêpes with ham and eggs or crêpes spread with Nutella? Maybe I'll make all three...

La Chandeleur, celebrated on February 2, is originally a religious holiday, yet today it is known as the day of crêpes. The story is that Pope Gélase gave crêpes to the pilgrims who arrived in Rome. The crêpes with their rond shape and golden color, signified the sun and helped Spring to arrive. Even though most people don't know the history on why they celebrate La Chandeleur with crêpes, any reason is a good reason to eat crêpes in France!

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  1. Mentioned your story and your site in Chandeleur, Crepes Time, Get Ready to Flip on February 2 on 'Serge the Concierge'.
    I took the liberty to use your illustration.
    Bonne journee
    'The French Guy from New Jersey'